11 years of inspiring leadership by Eveline Aendekerk

Yesterday, after almost 11 years, Eveline Aendekerk said goodbye to her time as executive director of Dance4Life. She will continue as a Friend4Life so she will stay involved with Dance4Life and our mission. Under her powerful leadership Dance4Life transformed from an HIV awareness raising campaign, to a social franchise with its own unique behavior change model.

Besides this, in the past 11 years over 40 million euro was raised for comprehensive sexuality education and youth empowerment. We worked with 42 local partners in over 25 countries, we created 20 youth councils with 300 youth representatives and we have developed over 50 corporate partnerships. Furthermore we developed our Friends4Life network with over 100 major donors, created a pool of 21 trainers and 300 peer educator. Most important: Dance4Life reached over 5 million youngsters and empowered them to take their own decisions with respect to their sexuality and sexual relations. With our recent campaign #Idecide4myself (#ikbepaalzelf) we will continue agenda setting the issue of talking about sexual issues in order to promote safe and healthy sex.

Eveline’s enthusiasm, power and energy is captured perfectly well in in this goodbye video.