Annual Report 2020

In 2020 Dance4Life increased the total number of young people who have participated in the Dance4Life programme to 2.312.804, despite all the uncertainties, changes and challenges. On this webpage we will elucidate this challenging year.

Dance4Life’s ultimate mission is creating a world in which young people are able to make healthy sexual choices and develop healthy relationships. When a worldwide lockdown became reality, we faced a huge challenge to keep working on our mission.

The pandemic had a huge impact on the work of Dance4Life. One year later, we can definitely say that we adapted and learned a lot.

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Online sexuality education
We had put most of our physical international programmes on hold. But together with our partners and bold trainers, we used our creativity and flexibility to adapt our delivery and keep our programmes running using online technologies. By providing sexuality education through online modules, and using social media tools such as WhatsApp and WeChat, we succeeded in continuing to support young people.

Within our activities in the Netherlands – our home market for raising both awareness of and funds for sexual health and rights – we also found safe ways to engage and co-create with young people. Together with them we created four campaigns to explore topics of sexual harassment, wishes and boundaries, taboos and stigmas and the fun parts of sexuality.

Merger for more impact

We are heading towards our goal of reaching 5 million young people by 2030. To have a bigger impact we decided to intensify our partnership with our long-time partner Rutgers by merging with them. Combining the strengths of both organisations brings us opportunities to make a greater impact together. Jointly we will keep searching for innovative ways to step up our game for the sexual health and rights of young people.”


In 2020 we reached a total of 40.207 young people in 13 countries...

...comprising 32.256 young people who undertook the Journey4Life...

...7.951 students in the Netherlands through Schools4Life

Thanks for your support in 2020

Dance4Life wants to thank her partners, Friends and other stakeholders for making our work possible in 2020! Dance4Life premium partners:

Together with you we reach more young people!

By investing in Dance4Life you can transform the lives of young people around the world. Every form of support will result in more young people getting a fair shot at a bright future. This is your chance to become part of the movement. Support is possible trough a corporate or institutional partnership, an alliance or by individuals. All with the aim to improve sexual and reproductive health and rights of young people

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