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The Dance4Life model places Youth Empowerment at its core with a curriculum we call the Journey4Life. It’s about personal growth and meeting young people’s individual needs. It takes into account the evolving competencies of adolescents. The program is designed to strengthen your existing SRHR programmes.

The Journey4Life impacts sexual behaviour and contributes to a decrease in adverse sexual health outcomes such as new HIV infections and unwanted teen pregnancies. We deliver the intervention in high intensity, structured settings, by trained peer leaders called: Champions4Life. We inject energy and openness into existing SRHR youth programs and are looking for franchisees who share this philosophy.

Our social franchise model supports independent non-governmental organizations. Our partners operate in low or middle-income countries where they work on delivering the Journey4Life in their territory. We aim to strengthen and complement our partners’ work, working with organizations who understand their local contexts and wish to do more for young people. 

When you join us as franchisees you will benefit from our co-creation philosophy and tailored tools, templates, training and ongoing support.

Your organization could be a perfect prospective partner as a future social franchise associate. Help us lay the foundations to youth empowerment transformation in your country. Our partnership offers vibrant engagement and supportive inter connectivity.

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Why social franchising is the best way to make a real impact

Strengthens your organization’s credibility and capacity to work with young people

Real ownership: partners co-create and take charge of the change on the ground

Opportunities to participate in rigorous research and knowledge sharing sessions

Not one-size-fits-all: it’s adaptable to your organization’s wider program and integrate into its strategic needs

Why we are a good partner

  • Access to a dynamic, engaging model with proven effectiveness in reaching out and engaging with young people
  • Our social franchise team is there to make sure you get the maximum value out of your social impact: the best technical assistance, and the building and maintaining of an active relationship global network.
  • Provide guidance at critical stages of the journey to scale up the most impactful projects
  • Gains on offer to partners outweigh obligations; we want to recruit and motivate the best partners with the least administrative distraction
  • We actively promote the partnership and impact of our work in different forums and (scientific) publications.

Our collective ambition impacts young lives in positive, passionate and inspiring ways. We want to work with likeminded partners around the globe who want to pursue a shared vision and are ready to undertake a mutual commitment to achieve sustainable youth empowerment together.

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Roles & Responsibilities

You as a franchisee…

  • Receive the right to implement the Dance4Life model in your programmes
  • Receive startup trainings & workshops
  • Receive ongoing remote technical support (PM & M&E)
  • You are responsible for fundraising for local programme implementation
  • Pay a startup fee & ongoing support fee
  • You are responsible for management of the local programme
  • Provide Dance4Life with data for monitoring quality implementation

The franchisor: Dance4Life

  • Provides startup trainings & workshops
  • Provides ongoing remote technical support (PM & M&E)
  • Based on monitoring data provided: gives advice on how to improve quality of implementation.
  • Is responsible for continuous research & development on an international level to improve the Dance4Life model
  • Will fundraise for and coordinate a longitudinal controlled study into the effect of the Dance4Life model on health outcomes
  • Will invest in opportunities to connect franchisees and create opportunities to learn from each other
  • Is responsible for global expansion of the Dance4Life network
  • Is responsible for fundraising for research & development and support costs of the Dance4Life international office