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Do you have a passion for empowering youth to achieve their sexual and reproductive health and rights in your country? Our Journey4Life curriculum places youth empowerment at its core. It’s about personal growth and meeting young people’s individual needs, taking into account adolescents’ evolving competencies. The programme is designed to strengthen your existing sexual reproductive health and rights programmes.

Decrease in adverse sexual health outcomes
The Journey4Life is co-created with young people to contribute to positive behaviour change for healthy and safe sexual behaviour, with long-term effects on reducing HIV, unwanted pregnancies and sexual and gender-based violence. The  program is high intensity, with 10-12 structured sessions delivered by trained peer leaders. Our peer facilitators are trained in experiential learning methodologies and use music, dance, storytelling and other creative facilitation techniques to engage young people. The Journey4Life is focused on building social-emotional competencies among young people and on improving confidence, gender-equal attitudes and awareness of and ability to challenge harmful social norms, creating an intrinsic motivation for behaviour change.

Adapting to your local context
We aim to strengthen and complement our partners’ work, working with organisations who understand their local contexts, who have experience in youth programming and sexual and reproductive health and rights, but who see a need to better engage and empower young people. When you join us as a franchisee you will co-own your own contextualized and translated version of the Journey4Life with us. You will also benefit from our co-creation approach, from peer-learning and exchange with our global network of partners, and from tailored tools, templates, training and ongoing support. We will train your local peer facilitators, and will support you with advice on sustainability, fundraising and scaling your reach and impact.

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Why social franchising is the best way to make a real impact

Strengthens your organisation’s credibility and capacity to work with young people

Real ownership: partners co-create and take charge of the change on the ground

Opportunities to participate in rigorous research and knowledge sharing sessions

Not one-size-fits-all: it’s adaptable to your organisation’s wider program and integrates with its strategic needs

Why we are a good partner

  • We give you access to our dynamic, engaging model with proven effectiveness in reaching out and engaging with young people.
  • Our social franchise team makes sure you get maximum value out of your social impact: the best technical assistance, and access to a global learning network.
  • We provide guidance to scale up the most impactful projects.
  • We offer our model and technical support with lightweight monitoring and administration to allow you to focus on implementation instead of reporting
  • We actively promote the impact of our joint work in different forums and (scientific) publications.

Together, we impact young lives in positive, passionate and inspiring ways. We want to work with likeminded partners around the globe to pursue a shared vision to achieve sustainable youth empowerment together.

Roles & Responsibilities

You as a franchisee…

  • Co-own the Dance4Life model with us and have the right to integrate it in your programmes
  • Receive start-up trainings & workshops
  • Receive ongoing remote technical support concerning project management and monitoring and evaluation
  • Pay a start-up fee & ongoing support fee
  • Are responsible for fundraising, implementation and management of the local programme
  • Provide Dance4Life with data for monitoring quality implementation

The franchisor: Dance4Life

  • Provides start-up trainings & workshops
  • Provides ongoing remote technical support
  • Uses monitoring data to give advice on how to improve quality of implementation
  • Coordinates in-depth research & development on a global level to improve the Journey4Life
  • Provides opportunities to connect franchisees for peer-learning and exchange

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Programme Officer

Saad Haroon