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The Friends4Life network is Dance4Life’s exclusive business network for private donors. It’s a community of creative, curious and entrepreneurial people. A social club for people who want to be involved in a social cause.

This social club of people aims for a higher purpose and that is what they do! With the support of their knowledge and their network they contribute to the Dance4Life goals. In addition, our friends help annually by donating 2,750 euros each.

We take the word ‘friend’ very literally: you will be intimately involved in our projects. Each year we organize multiple exclusive events for our Friends4Life to thank them for their amazing support and kindness!

Do you also want to make the difference and realize a healthy future for young people worldwide? And do you, at the same time, want to benefit from a valuable network of more than 75 friends? Please let us know and provide us with your contact details below. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible


Exclusive events: find yourself on the guest list of unique events

Experience: visit our education projects

Valuable network: connect with over 100 friends

Challenge: use your entrepreneurship and creativity to help young people take a stand for justice and equity in the world.

Become a Friend4Life today!

For our friends we host several fun and interesting events. Each year we kick-off with a Friends4Life dinner, while enjoying good wine and food we share the impact of the previous year that we achieved together and create plans for the new year.

Another exclusive event is our annual Funky Fundraiser. During this spectacular gala we celebrate life with all Friends4Life. In addition we auction special items and experiences to make money for our work.

Moreover a group of maximum 10 friends each year is given the opportunity to join us on a project trip to a country to explore the Journey4Life. A unique opportunity to really see our work and our impact!


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Merlyn Ooms

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