Become a partner

Become a Dance4Life partner. Embrace a way of working that enriches young lives and has proven to change attitudes and actions when it comes to SRHR. Help us lay the foundations of that transformation in your country.

We provide a dynamic social franchise to NGOs designed to promote behavior change. It decreases sexual health threats and inspires leadership in young people. Together we nurture, support and inspire each other. We co-own the social impact we co-create. We achieve sustainable youth empowerment together.

We want to work together with able, like-minded and interested organizations to deliver youth transformation at scale. Does that sound like you? We already pursue our vision and mission with an established network of partners from around the globe.

You will become part of that growing network of action takers committed to achieving scalable, socially beneficial goals. We tailor the tools, templates, training and ongoing support to partners to bring youth empowerment to local communities. Our collective ambition impacts young lives in positive, passionate and inspiring ways. It’s about inspiring the courage to act. That’s the core of our youth empowerment modelIt’s how we work, and it’s how our partnership program works too.

Get ready to take a unique step forward. Start the collaboration and make our vision a shared reality.