Behavior change model 

Are you looking for a comprehensive SRHR behaviour change model for young people to contribute to your desired health, education and gender outcomes across a region? A model to contextualize and compare between countries, so you don’t have the administrative hassle to procure, pilot and scale a different model in each country?

What we offer


  • A proven empowerment curriculum for behaviour change among young people in a range of contexts and settings 

You get your own version of our Journey4Life empowerment curriculum: contextualized, translated and branded to fit you and your target groups. The Journey4Life is proven to – in a range of contexts and settings – increase gender-equal attitudes, positive social norms and social-emotional competencies for long-lasting behaviour change.

We tailor it to the young people, thematics and strategies that you work with and to the setting you are in, for example schools, orphanages and sports clubs.  We train your local peer facilitators on delivering the Journey4Life using experiential learning, but knowing the expertise and local networks that you and your partners have, we give you full ownership of the program from that moment on. The University of Maastricht is currently leading a randomized control trial of the Journey4Life in Indonesia. We have piloted an online version of the Journey4Life, and are currently also exploring blended approaches.

  • On-going support for scale-up 

We believe that change starts with each individual, but we also know that scale matters.  

  • To support you in reaching scale across multiple countries, we offer you tools and guidance on how to:
  • – Design and deliver at scale without compromising quality.
  • We offer trainings of your own master trainers to ensure in-house expertise and capacity to train peer facilitators without relying on us.  
  •  We make tools and guidance available online so that you get the information you need when you need it: including online contextualization support.

You will also have a dedicated partner manager from the Dance4Life team to provide you with tailored support and information.  


"We have seen how the Journey4Life empowerment model, while integrated into our programs in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Ukraine, supports positive behavior change among young people and addresses their essential needs, as well as contributes to the success of ongoing health and education programs. The partnership with Dance4Life has been complementary and insightful, as we jointly contextualize the model, scale it, and collect the lessons learnt of working for and with young people across countries in Eastern Europe and Central Asia."

Yuri de Boer, Director, AFEW International

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