Campaign lab workshops

Would you like to increase the effectiveness of your campaigns?

In our creative campaign labs Dance4Life experts guide the participants – usually communication or advocacy professionals – to define a problem statement (such as ‘abortion is not legal in our country’ and to design a campaign in response. Together they agree the target audience, the campaign content and platforms to use, and create a workplan for roll out. The benefits typically include:

  • A stronger campaign strategy which aligns public engagement and media mobilisation;
  • Stronger on and offline communications skills for public mobilisation and engagement;
  • Robust ideas and messages which contribute to advocacy goals.

We can conduct a creative campaign lab workshop with your staff face-to-face or online. Additionally your staff could access our e-learning module “Campaigning for Change”. This less costly approach makes use of diverse examples from different regions to spark enthusiasm, inform, and support your campaign’s design.

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