Dance4Life at ICFP Kigali: focus on young people

The International Conference on Family Planning is happening in a few days in Kigali, Rwanda. Starting with the Youth Pre-conference, there will be a flurry of activity with some of the biggest actors globally being present and actively participating.

A mix of generations
The objectives are to display best practices, share innovations and evaluate programmes and projects across the world that address the larger field of Family Planning. Generations will mix here – with the youth pre-conference setting the stage, while a mix of scientists, advocates on Family Planning as well as programmes, boost the energy and optimism of the attending young people. The intended result is a final convergence on how to realise the Conference theme Investing for a Lifetime of Returns. This resonates with our vision for young people and Dance4Life will certainly be active and present during the Conference.

Investing now for a social future
The theme immediately paints an image of making the most of available financial, human and social resources, to invest for optimal future return regarding reproductive health. What kind of investments? From narratives of previous conferences addressing Sexual and Reproductive Health, we can assume that the investment is in people throughout their entire lives. The aim of this, is to gain the most social return out of development aid, within systems (policy and governance), technology, evidence and increasing economic opportunities in order to improve access to health commodities. According to the World Bank blog, there are three key parameters which must not be overlooked; behaviour, institution and politics. In addition, these complex topics are overarched by the collective Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to ensure a path that is charted into the future.

We need empowered and resilient young people
As Dance4Life, we believe that self is the change. Just as behaviour is learnt, it can be formed and influenced. Our premise also relies in focusing on young people, who are not only impressionable but also have the ability to shape the future today. Young people will be influencing 100% of the future and we need them to be empowered as well as resilient. An empowered person is one who is in charge of their future, making informed choices with predictable outcomes, and predictability is good in the long term. We will be keen to follow conversations that allude to this during the conference, as well as connect with like-minded organizations.