Dance4Life contextualize workshop in Jakarta

End of august our Journey4Life will start in Jakarta. Colleagues Nina and Oonagh travelled to Indonesia to contextualize the Journey4Life curriculum for the needs of youngsters in Jakarta.

Together with the Indonesian Trainers4Life and our franchisee Rutgers Indonesia Nina and Oonagh did a workshop with the local partner. This workshop was very informal, creative, fun and really triggered ownership of the local partners. Everybody was really committed and inspired with the new Journey4Life, and there is a strong belief it can really make a difference.

Training and innovation manager Nina: “At Dance4Life we facilitate workshops differently. We don’t fly in drop wisdom and leave. We engage in collaborative design and creation, we discover synergetic potential, we breed inspiration all to catalyse innovative action. We use colour, stories, playfulness, empathic discussions, mindfulness, critical thinking, music and of course dance to make meaningful experiences that drive change and impact.”

The Champions4Life training will take place in august when 20 young leaders will be equipped with the skills to facilitate transformational experience for their youth peers. The program starts end of august and aims to empower 1000 young people living in the outskirts of Jakarta. See the video to understand how we do our contextualization workshops!