Dance4Life December Donations

Unsafe sex biggest health risk of young people
Unsafe sex is one of the top and fastest growing health risks for millions of young people globally. It particularly affects those most vulnerable and living in the poorest countries. Dance4Life is determined to change this. Therefore has Dance4Life developed an unique curriculum for and by young people, the Journey4Life.
This is not a traditional education program. We provide a learning experience full with music, dance and personal stories. The Journey4Life takes young people on a journey of self-discovery, transforming them into confident individuals with gender egalitarian attitudes, and the ability to critically question and challenge existing social norms. It has a proven success in changing behavior.

Positive impact
We measured among the participants in the curriculum in Tanzania, we have measured 75% fewer school-leavers by preventing teenage pregnancies. In Nepal, the number of young people – who feel that they are empowered and can make their own choices in their sex lives and relationships – has doubled.

More donations needed
Dance4Life wants to achieve even more results. With the donated money, we make it possible for young people to participate in the curriculum, which enables them to protect themselves against HIV, teenage pregnancies and sexual violence. The more money the teams raise together, even more young people can join the Dance4Life curriculum!

Join the fight to stop HIV, teenage pregnancies and sexual violence amongst young people!

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