Dance4Life’s highlights of 2020

In 2020 Dance4Life increased the total number of young people who have participated in the Dance4Life programme to 2.312.804, despite all the uncertainties, changes and challenges. We would like to share the highlights of the year 2020 with you.

Online sexuality education worldwide

Due to COVID-19 we had to put most of our physical international programmes on hold. But together with our partners and bold trainers we kept our programmes running using online technologies. We developed online versions of our curriculum The Journey4Life to ensure that young people were still reached during times of COVID-19.

Campaigns for youngsters in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands we have also focused on online possibilities. We developed four successful campaigns which helps making sexuality a normalized topic. We launched the Instagram campaign ‘Shameless’, in which celebrities answered taboo-breaking questions from young people and the podcast ‘Sextalk’, in which parents receive advice about sexuality education from young people. This resulted in a lot of PR attention and a high online reach of Dutch youngsters.

Merger for more impact

We are heading towards our goal of reaching 5 million young people by 2030. To have a bigger impact we decided to intensify our partnership with our long-time partner Rutgers by merging with them. Combining the strengths of both organisations brings us opportunities to make a greater impact together. Jointly we will keep searching for innovative ways to step up our game for the sexual health and rights of young people.

Dance4Life wants to thank her partners, Friends and other stakeholders for making our work possible in 2020!

Read more on our special Annual Report webpage or download our Annual Report.