Empowerment Model

Picture it. Biology labs, awkward conversations with teachers, and tedious textbooks. Sound familiar? At Dance4Life we take a different approach to sexual health awareness. Sexuality education cannot be seen as a regular school subject, like biology; it is an integral part of adolescent development and should be approached as such. That’s why the Dance4Life places empowerment at its core.

Based on insights from over a decade of implementation and the most recent evidence and scientific findings, the Dance4Life Empowerment Model is developed by and for young people. The core of our model is the Journey4Life, a curriculum that is delivered by trained peer leaders called Champions4Life who empower young people rather than educate them. We also know it’s not enough to empower young people as a stand-alone intervention; they also need access to youth friendly services and fewer structural barriers to their well-being. So we strictly select franchisees with a strong track record of working on these issues, either themselves or within networks, alliances and partnerships.