Global Franchisee Network

Our global franchisee network is both a learning hub and a compass for Dance4Life. It is a space for co-creation, innovation, and scaling up impact to tackle sexual health issues across the globe. Our Board of Franchisees leads the exchange agenda of the network and ensures that Dance4Life’s support and value to franchisees remains cutting edge.

Our global franchisee network makes it possible for local NGOs to be in the driving seat. By joining us as a franchisee, you benefit from a ground-breaking, evidence-based behavioural change model that is designed by and for young people. Our international network serves as the flywheel of our self-sustainable social franchise: connecting expertise of our franchisees and ensuring an ongoing feedback mechanism that allows for rapid learning and innovation.

At the core of this feedback and learning mechanism is our Board of Franchisees, who serve as representatives of the network, lead the exchange agenda, and advice the Dance4Life leadership team on a regular basis.


The Board of Franchisees comprises both of senior staff members and young people, from different regions, to ensure that inclusive co-creation happens at all levels and that we move away from assumptions about what young people want and need.Based on insights from implementation and consultations with network members, the Board so far has adviced Dance4Life on how the youth empowerment model can be further improved and how Dance4Life can add more value to its franchisees through ongoing support and investing in international visibility. Our franchisees taking true ownership like this is exactly what we need if we want to impact the lives of young people around the world!

Composition of the Board of Fanchisees:

  • Indah Yusari – Program Officer – Rutgers Indonesia
  • Kaajal Pradhan – Country Director – Restless Development Nepal
  • Mariam Adam – Champion4Life / Program Officer – Theatre for Social Change Ghana
  • Zhenya Aleexeva – Executive Director – Focus Media Russia