Global Partner Network

The Global Partner Network is both a hub and a compass for Dance4Life. It is allows for sharing and learning between partners and the network offers all help to ignite opportunities and find solutions for tackling sexual health issues across the globe.

Our Dance4Life global partner network makes it possible for local NGOs to be in the driving seat. And by joining us as a franchisee, you benefit from ground-breaking, evidence-based and peer-led program design and solutions to global problems. We are a collective, international network of organizations who believe in proven youth empowerment as a means to sustainable sexual health while being key to anti-poverty.


An important element of our new structure is that franchisees share and learn through the Dance4Life network. In 2017 we hired a Network Manager who set up the network and established a Board of Franchisees comprising two Directors, one Program Coordinator, and one Champion4Life. The members were selected by our partners and the Network Manager, and represent the different regions.

The board’s role is to advise Dance4Life Amsterdam on topics such as research and innovation around the empowerment model, the franchise offer and support system provided by Dance4Life, and how to make the most of the expertise present in our partner network. It also controls the network’s exchange agenda, including the annual exchange budget provided by Dance4Life, which we hope will foster true ownership by our franchisees of the shaping, linking and learning within the network.

Composition of the Board of Fanchisees:

  • Indah Yusari – Program Officer – Rutgers Indonesia
  • Kaajal Pradhan – Country Director – Restless Development Nepal
  • Mariam Adam – Champion4Life / Program Officer – Theatre for Social Change Ghana
  • Zhenya Aleexeva – Executive Director – Focus Media Russia