“I wish all young people in Africa get answers to their sex related questions”

Mariam Adam (25) from Ghana is one of the Board of Franchisee members (BoF). They are responsible for all the 17 franchisees of Dance4Life to stay connected. Every month we will introduce a new member to you. They will tell you about their aspirations and their vision on the Dance4Life programs.

“It all started with a call to our office. We could all apply for a special position as a BoF member. I got really enthusiastic about this opportunity and did the application. After a few weeks, I heard I was chosen! I felt great and happy with this new opportunity. Since I am the youngest board member, I feel that I am representing the youth. My goal is that all the young people in Africa get answers to their sex related questions.”

Discuss sex

“When I was younger, there was nobody I could to talk to about sex. That’s hard because every youngster is interested in sex. If they are not informed they will be naïve and will just do it without protection. With my work, I can prevent this from happening. That’s very important for me.”


“In the past, I gave trainings on school and as a Champion4Life I educated other young people to become a trainer. With the former program, we just gave the young people the right information, but we didn’t really let them think for themselves. With the new program Journey4Life we really empower youngsters and involve them in making their own choices. I am really happy with that!”

“I hope that as a board member I can reach a lot of other organisation to join Dance4Life. Now I am really focused on my area in Ghana, but of course whole Africa should get involved.”