The #IDECIDE4MYSELF campaign aims on sharing stories from young people from all over the world. They talk about their sexual experiences and how empowerment plays a role in that. The importance of empowerment in sex and relationships is stated in the latest research by Dance4Life where more than 2500 young people from the Netherlands, Russia, Kenya and Indonesia took part in.

Research results on empowerment in relation to sexual health

The research shows for example that Dutch young people (between 16-19 years old) who feel empowered are more able to make positive sexual choices than young people who feel less empowered. The youngsters describe empowerment as having individual competencies and social skills. Dance4Life did this research because unsafe sex is health risk number 1 among young people worldwide. Dance4Life is committed to change this and believes that there should be more invested in the empowerment of young people because that has a positive influence on making healthy sexual choices.

75% of the young people say that empowerment is the most important skill in deciding whether or not to use a condom.



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