The total number of Agents4Change since Dance4Life started in 2004 is now 965.986 - and we are proud to say that our total reach is now over 2.2 million young people. We also know that each Agent4Change shares acquired knowledge with an estimated 5 other people, meaning that Dance4Life has indirectly reached over 4 million individuals!

“After training, I got the confidence to go back and sit down with my sister and tell her about SRHR and I can also share this education with my family and the community because it is my little contribution to reducing child pregnancies. Which is a big thing where I live. This is a role that I believed was only for women, but I now know what I can contribute.”

- An Agent4Change in Nepal

Impact overview

Dance4Life continuously builds evidence on how our model empowers young people and contributes to decreasing three of the biggest sexual health threats that young people face these days: HIV, unwanted pregnancies and sexual and gender based violence.

We specifically focus our research efforts on the impact that the Dance4Life empowerment model has on determinants of behaviour change (confidence, gender equal attitudes and social norms) and how changed behaviour actually contributes to the impact on sexual health of youngsters globally.

In this document we present:

  • our key findings,
  • our research into the underlying dynamics of our model,
  • our methods,
  • our collaboration with researchers

All of these findings are illustrated with a few country-by-country case studies that paint a more precise and personal picture of what we’ve achieved and we continue to strive for.

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