Dance4Life expects of all employees, partners, donors and suppliers that they behave ethically and respectfully, and that their actions are measured to the highest ethical standards. Dance4Life has captured these standards in the Integrity Framework.

This Integrity framework consists of:

The Integrity Framework also embodies a complaints policy and whistle blower policy, to ensure that we are able to enforce these policies.


Our code of conduct and integrity framework evolve constantly. The code of conduct and complaints policy are there to keep our self and each other accountable. Ethics and norms become more refined by discussing and testing them regularly. Dance4Life regularly discusses cases and examples with employees and stakeholders to strengthen our moral compass.


The integrity framework has been built in accordance with Partos and CBF guidelines. Dance4Life is Partos 9001:2015 certified, we are audited annually on the workings of our integrity framework


If you have any questions about our Integrity Framework you can email us at or call our office on +31 20 521 6655