Invest in us

Do you share our belief that young people are our future leaders? By investing in Dance4Life you can transform the lives of young people around the world. Every form of support allows us to train more peer-to-peer youth empowerment trainers, which will result in more young people getting a fair shot at a bright future.

This is your chance to become part of the impact! Whether the investment is trough a corporate or institutional partnership, an alliance, or by individual supporters that want to improve sexual and reproductive health and rights of young people, Dance4Life has a valid youth empowerment program to offer.

We need you

Recently we reviewed our empirical insights in the field of peer education together with our international partner network and, taking on board key knowledge from our interventions, we’re now excited to offer a new social franchise program to increase our global footprint. Our current global network includes 15 franchisees, and we aim to grow this number to 60 by 2030.

Our impact is felt across 14 countries, and we want our influence and global community to grow. You can join us in supporting the work of our committed staff and partners changing young lives in 14 countries. We are a serious partner with a rigorous research agenda, both internally and with external institutions. We are meticulous in measuring and improving our impact and our core product.

Your support allows us to train more peer-to-peer youth empowerment trainers, who will enable more young people getting self-confidence and skills to create the future they want. Our model has a proven track record in fostering critical personal leadership and changing actions that lead to improved sexual health, awareness, and ultimately – prosperity.


Investing in Dance4Life means:

  • Transforming the lives of young people around the world. Every element of what we do is rooted in that ambition. Investing in youth is investing in the future: they are a huge economic force.
  • Working with a serious partner with a rigorous research agenda and innovation that really engages youth.
  • Supporting an innovative solution to the shifting power relations in a donor-driven landscape.
  • Ensuring effective and efficient impact at scale through local ownership and partnership principles.

Our partners:

Dance4Life collaborates with several international and national investors including:

  • Institutional partners: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, UNAIDS. UNESCO, Comic Relief, MAC Aids Foundation.
  • Individual investors: Friends4Life and individual donors and corporate sponsors