My story of change

Renata (20 years, from Russia) shares her personal story of change with you. “My world turned upside down when I went to the Champions4Life training. These five days helped me to realise what is going on in my life. I realised that I don’t need this pressure from the outside. I want to be with those who accept me for who I am”.

Passion for activities
“I am madly in love with all kinds of activity outside the university, namely my teaching team. Often you have to miss a university session to get somewhere to participate. But I still find time to catch up and work out. However, in my environment there are people who don’t like it. They do not like that I am active; that I miss lessons in university; that I have time to work in the team, and study at 4 and 5.”

No support
“I’ve heard it all from strangers. Until one March day. My friend, who is studying with me in the same course and is in the same unit, said that I will not be able to pass the exams if I do not stop being active, that I will soon get bored of my activity. I felt very hurt. I heard these words from someone close to me. Plus it was unpleasant that I always supported him in all his endeavors, and he did not care about my interests. It made me cry for two days. I told him that I was offended by these words, he apologized, but still thought the same.”

Choosing my own life
“Just a week later we went to the training of Dance4Life. My world turned upside down. At one of the sessions we discussed about relationships. This is an important topic for me. I love my friend very much, but it hurts me that he thinks he decides what is important to me and what is not. I can’t single out one exercise that helped me, all five days helped me. I realized what was going on in my life. I realized that I don’t need this pressure from the outside. I realized that I want to do what I like and to be with those who understand me and accept me for who I am. That I just want to be happy.
Thank you Dance4Life, and especially Polina and Alik for these wonderful five days. You are a kind of initiator of changes in people. After you I absolutely do not want to lead a past life. After you and the trainings you begin to realize that YOU yourself are the change for the better.”