Our story

Dance4Life started in 2003.  We have since interacted with 845,000 young adults and reached over 2.1 million of their peers.

dance4life started off as a movement intended to remind world leaders of their commitments to the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) to combat AIDS. Right from the start, dance4life’s universal language of dance and the positive energy of music, enabled a different kind of connection: young people were the driving force and the solution.

Like all good ideas it caught on fast. Soon dance4life set up in three countries and since then has grown into an international organization, expanding to over 20 countries and active across 5 continents.

From an issue awareness movement to a behavioral change model

Over time dance4life has broadened its horizons from HIV/AIDS to Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights. We shifted focus from reach to impact. Over the past 12 years, across cultures and contexts our model has proven to do exactly that; have impact. We provide a real and effective solution to young people’s sexual health issues.

New curriculum

Most recently – after rolling up our sleeves, consulting the brightest minds, and undertaking rigorous research to uncover methods to deliver sensitive topics to young adults – we introduced our new curriculum. Dance4Life evolved to a long term behavioral change model. Our work is far from done, our focus however clearer than ever.

Ideally, we’d like to cease to exist! That’s the day young people no longer face sexual health threats posed by HIV, unwanted pregnancies and sexual and gender based violence.

Until then, we Dance4Life!

The future

We aim to empower more than 5 million young people to lead healthy sexual lives and feel emboldened about their future. We know this is bold. But we also believe we have three essential ingredients that will make this possible:

  • A strong partner network made up of franchisees and investors LINK
  • Our youth empowerment model that promotes fearlessness by addressing the culture of fear around sex heads on
  • Continuous dedication to improving the experiential, peer-led and well-researched model that supplements traditional SRHR education.