Privacy statement

Dance4Life processes personal data and other data in line with the legislation in force: General Data Protection Regulation (AVG). We find your privacy very important and handle your personal data with care. Below we describe exactly what you can expect from us and what rules we observe.

The privacy policy below is applicable to all site visits, transactions and agreements with Dance4Life, Keizersgracht 177, Amsterdam.


This privacy policy is applicable to the processing of personal information provided by donors, friends, relations, participants, supporters and volunteers and data obtained through visits to and use of the website of Dance4Life.

Processing of data

We keep a customer relations administration, in which all personal data of relations are recorded. A relation is a person known to Dance4Life, for instance as a donor, a supplier or through participation in a support campaign, through subscription to the newsletter or a request for information.

Dance4Life makes people aware of the importance of sexual health and makes an appeal through actions and campaigns to participate in our activities. Dance4Life’s work is mainly funded by gifts from partners and donors. We collect personal data (name, address, place of residence, telephone number, email address, gender and age) to inform you of our work and the results achieved and for marketing purposes, such as a request for a gift or participation. Collection personal data is done through the website when you register for one of our email newsletters or campaigns, when you register as a donor or volunteer, or when you place an order through our web shop. Offline it is done through a recruiter in the streets, an application form or a telephone call. In some cases Dance4Life can use the services of third parties to add to data if these are incomplete or validate them, for instance in case of someone moving.

Financial data and data concerning a transaction, donation, purchase or payment are collected to implement the agreement (donation, registration or purchase in the web shop). These data are not passed on to third parties for commercial purposes.

Dance4Life has the CBF quality mark for charities. We are a member of Partos and a service member of Goede Doelen Nederland.


When you as a subscriber to one of our newsletters or support networks, as a donor or information applicant have given your email address to Dance4Life, you are informed by email on our work, asked for your support for campaigns, kept informed on results achieved and for occasional requests for a contribution.

Dance4Life uses a system for sending e-mailings that offers an insight into the way these emails are opened. It can also be viewed whether you click on the links of our email. This way, Dance4Life can further optimise its information and match it better to your interests.

Unsubscribe from email newsletters or action networks

If you wish to receive less or no email or no longer wish to participate in our support actions, you can unsubscribe from our emails using the unsubscribe option in each message you receive, or contacting Dance4Life: 020-5216655 (during office hours) or

Contact with members, donors and relations

New donors receive a welcome message from Dance4Life per mail, e-mail, telephone or text in which the donation is confirmed. Dance4Life informs its members and donors on the campaigns through its magazines, by email, mail, telephone and/or social media.

When we send mail to donors and relations, we check the address file in advance on messages in the mail filter ( In addition, Dance4Life deploys friends and its fundraisers to ask donors and relations to support us with an (additional) gift and inform them on our work. Dance4Life works within the legal frameworks of the Telecommunications Act and the General Data Processing Regulation. When recruiting new members and donors we always check the address file in advance on messages in the ‘don’t call me’ register. If you have indicated that you never want to be called by Dance4Life again, we will incorporate this in our administration and will no longer approach you on the telephone number provided. If you do not want to be called by other parties either, we will pass on the telephone number you provided to the ‘don’t call me’ register. You can also register yourself through the website.

Contact with volunteers

Dance4Life informs its volunteers by telephone, mail and e-mail about voluntary activities, voluntary meetings and Dance4Life campaigns. You can unsubscribe from this information as a volunteer using the unsubscribe option in each message or by telephone at the Service centre of Dance4Life: 020-5216655 (during office hours) or

Contact details of minors

For the Schools4Life program pupils of schools, mostly under the age of 16, create an action page on a Dance4Life website. For the creation of this action page we request the personal data of the pupil. In addition, we ask explicit permission from the parent/caretaker/guardian of this pupil to create this page. For the duration of the Schools4life campaign, Dance4Life will use the personal data filled in by the pupil to approach a pupil on the progress of the campaign. After the campaign Dance4Life will remove the pupil’s personal data.

Cookie statement

Dance4Life uses cookies to make its websites more personal and user-friendly and monitor the visits. This way, your settings are stored using cookies and the content can be better matched with your preferences. We only use cookies to record general visitor data. These data are collected using Google Analytics and Hotjar. Hotjar is optimised in line with the regulations of the AVG.

Duration of storage

The duration of the storage of data is in compliance with the applicable laws and regulations and for as long as necessary for the purposes for which we use the data.

Data exchange with third parties

Your data is not passed on to third parties without your explicit permission, provided it is necessary to implement a specific agreement, a specific service or if required by law.


Dance4Life uses careful safety procedures for the protection of the data processed, to prevent unauthorised access to these data. We protect your data with all means possible, but due to the public nature of the internet we cannot always guarantee the safety of the transfer of information through the internet for 100 %.

Dance4Life uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), a protocol that guarantees privacy for communication on the internet and was designed to prevent wiretapping, interference or falsification of messages, to protect sensitive information online and user information offline. If you are on a secure page such as our donation form, your browser should indicate that you are on a secure site.

Rights of those involved

We want to be sure that the personal data we have of you is correct and up to date. If there is data that is not correct, please let us know.

You can always ask to view, correct or remove the personal data we have of you in our CRM system. You can also object to the processing of your personal data. We will update or remove your data, unless we are obliged to keep it for business or legal purposes. We do our best to handle your personal data the best way possible. If you still have a complaint about the way we collect, store or use your personal data, please let us know by addressing your written question or complaint to us.

Keizersgracht 177
1016 DR Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Email address:

Before we allow consultation of your data, the requestor’s identity will be checked. Only data on this person will be provided, and not about third parties.

If the person in question wishes to receive a copy of data, Dance4Life can charge an amount of € 22 (including VAT) per request.

Questions about privacy policy

Dance4Life reserves the right to change its privacy policy. We recommend you read this privacy policy regularly. If you have any questions about this policy, please contact Dance4Life: 020-5216655 (during office hours) or

Privacy policy Dance4Life Version: 1 May 2018.