Proud to present: our annual report 2017

We’re proud to present our 2017 Annual Report! An exciting year since we developed our youth empowerment model and our new curriculum The Journey4Life. Also we moved from being a grant maker towards working as a high quality social franchise which will reach and empower more young people.

Next to that we set up the structure of the Trainers4Life community. We started pilots in Nepal, Russia, Ghana, Tanzania and Kenya to test and learn about how the model, the Journey4Life and our Social Franchise approach work. We created our Franchise offer to our partners, including the start-up package and operational tools. We fine-tuned our identity in line with our new strategy including a new visual identity. We implemented our new Schools4Life programme in the Netherlands. And along with these new elements we also delivered our ‘business as usual’ including our fundraising efforts and our alliances work within two Ministry of Foreign Affairs programmes.

Finally, last year we were privileged to again work with great partners who support the work of Dance4Life. Sports enthusiasts ran the New York Marathon, we launched a brand-new fundraise concept called FundRace, and during the Situation Room a team of our Friends4Life helped, with a record of savings in products, services and knowledge.

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Check out our annual report here