Scale and impact

Dance4Life is a social franchise based in Amsterdam, currently working with 14 partners. Together with our partners we are working towards our long term goal: “Empower more than 5 million young people to lead healthy sexual lives and feel confident about their future”.

Effective and efficient scale up

Contextualised the needs of local youth
Social franchising ensures rapid scale-up and impact, increases local ownership and commitment, responds to a changing global funding landscape, and promotes equal partnerships for mutual and greater change. Local non-governmental organisations have the deepest knowledge, networks and experience. Our Empowerment Model can enrich their work and achieve more impact, and because it is contextualised to the needs of local youth, our partners are truly in the driving seat of change.

By 2021, we will have proven the impact of the Journey4Life on specific health outcomes for young people through rigorous impact research. The flywheel of our self-sustainable social franchise will be in full motion and will propel itself to further growth of the network.

Start-up package
Dance4Life adheres to the philosophy of: recruit hard, train well, manage easy. Along in an intensive set of trainings included into the start-up package, partners receive best practice guidance, tools, templates and ongoing support. In turn they do light reporting for quality control of the implementation, and they become part of a global network for learning and knowledge exchange.

Social franchising

With Dance4Life centrally leading research and ensuring quality control, exchange and learning, franchisees save start-up, development and innovation costs. This enables a faster implementation of projects addressing sexual and reproductive health needs worldwide.

To ensure the sustainability of programmes and limit the dependency on Dance4Life, partners are responsible for raising their own funds to operate the model, co-invest in the start-up package and pay Dance4Life an annual commitment fee. Through technical support we will build the capacity of our franchisees so they can fundraise for, and implement a high quality programme.

“We believe the social franchise model is a robust model that can go head to head with the SRHR challenges we currently face. It’s our way of contributing to change in the current donor-driven landscape and inspiringlocal ownership among our partners.”