Storytelling workshops

Do you want to diversify your advocacy strategy and increase legitimacy in your advocacy asks?

Presenting young people’s realities through storytelling is a powerful way to add value to your advocacy and research.  In particular it increases legitimacy by basing messages on real people’s lives and experiences, and also humanises issues and so generates support.

In our storytelling workshops participants:

  1. Learn about the benefits of storytelling as a participatory tool and advocacy method;
  2. Develop the ability to support the creation of engaging and authentic digital stories;
  3. Develop strategies for using stories in advocacy;
  4. Learn how to use tools and techniques to create a safe online sharing space and to facilitate interactive online sessions on digital storytelling.

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After working on your story in story circles, and after recording and finding images that support it, it’s time to put it all together. You will work with video editing software to create your own digital story.

If time allows you can go out and collect images that support your story.

We work with storyboarding to guide the process of finding the right images. This is Laxmi sharing her storyboard with the group.

Our evaluations indicate that...

100% of our participants fully know how to use storytelling in their work.

76% have already included it in their advocacy strategy.

78% are confident they know the tools to facilitate the development of digital stories.

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