Tailored trainings

Do you want to improve the effectiveness of your youth programmes and services, but without having to develop and test new approaches?

“The digital storytelling workshop conducted by Dance4Life was truly one of the most inspiring workshops I ever participated in. Amazing empowering coaches, great facilitation by Dance4Life, and inspiring participants. The Dance4Life trainers managed to quickly establish a close community of trust and we learnt and shared so much in only 4,5 days. The heart-warming power of storytelling swept us all away. Truly inspirational. I get so excited each and every time I talk about the workshop.”

– Cornelia Rietdorf, Senior Monitoring & Evaluation Officer DSW

“The Dance4Life master trainers were very skilled and professional in delivering the content of the revised manual and they blended so well with our local context.”

– Dora Alal Single, Country Director, Thrive Gulu

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