Time to celebrate 5 years of global partnership!

An adventure called Right Here Right Now launched 5 years ago, in 2016. This partnership brought together 10 countries in Africa, Asia and the Caribbean sub-region to work on a joint mission to advance sexual and reproductive health and rights for young people all over the world. In those 5 years Dance4Life worked together with many young people who advocated on national, regional and international level to promote sexual rights. Last week the program reached its ending, which was celebrated during a big online event: the Global Youth Festival.

Dance4Life’s online expertise
The virtual event was attended by over 300 (youth) advocates from all RHRN countries in different parts of the world. The festival provided an excellent opportunities for Dance4Life to meet our colleagues and  to showcase our expertise. We launched a newly designed toolkit on international advocacy, presented our expertise in creative facilitation and promoted our work on the digital version of the Journey4Life in plenary sessions.

Transforming Zoom fatigue to Zoomergy
In the sidelines of the festival we also hosted two exhibition booths: a digital mini film festival, showcasing beautiful stories that were designed during the partnership, and a teaser of the Academy4Life, hoping this sparks an interest in future collaborations with Dance4Life. We hope to have inspired many people to add creative elements to their online meetings and to transform Zoom fatigue to Zoomergy.

Joint efforts & results
We are happy to see that our contributions to five years of the partnerships have been significant and that we were able to work together with so many young advocates. The Global Youth Festival was a moment of reflection, celebration and reunion for all the people that have been involved.

Now it’s time to look ahead and be ready to join the next phase of advancing young people’s rights in the Right Here Right Now 2 partnership. Stay tuned!