Imagine a team of experienced young catalysts driving the Dance4Life empowerment model in every country we work. Now stop imagining. Our Trainers4Life already do that.

Our Trainers4Life are young proven leaders who are experts in creative facilitation and our youth empowerment model. We have contracted them to train the Champions4Life, the young people who deliver the Journey4Life in schools and communities.

The Trainers4Life team currently consists of 21 trainers from 9 countries

Our Trainers4Life provide training to local peers on creative empowerment techniques. Youth sexuality is a complex issue, especially when dealing with different social norms in diverse countries. So our trainers co-create and contextualize the Journey4Life with our local partners, addressing day to day realities of young people in a practical way in each country we work. 

Working with a cascading model of Trainers4Life and Champions4Life enables us to work on a larger scale and in a more cost effective manner. It contributes to the sustainability of our organization, expands collaboration and fulfills our promise of youth participation through co-creation.

Alik Kemalov

John Waiganjo

Polina Pomosova

Sajan Shrestha

Shani Mohammed

Sherifa Awudu

Tawen Musa

Vijaya Gautam

Yvonne Ochieng

Sveta Matkhanova

Muneeb Arshad

Stanislav Myrov

Dodok Yuda

Andreass Julio

Shanshan He

Rekha Trikhatri

Julius Olum

Maureen Hu

Anastasie Di Gobi

Ntende Baker

Evelyn Odhiambo