Trainings for youth leaders

We offer an innovative online platform – the Academy4Life – for youth advocates to develop their professional and personal skills.

Working in large partnerships and being involved in (inter)national advocacy processes is not easy! Youth advocates need and deserve structured support to build their skills and competencies. By learning online – accessible by laptop or smartphone – you can facilitate their learning in a time- and cost-efficient manner, allowing them to learn where and when it suits them best. Our current programme takes 3 months, with around 2 hours of study per week. The learning journey currently comprises six modules which focus on:

  • Public speaking
  • Effective influencing
  • Gender & power dynamics
  • Goal setting through personal coaching
  • Career development
  • Time management and self-care

The Academy4Life mixes gamified experiences, interactive multi media modules, tailor-made content, assignments, personalised feedback and coaching. The modules have been co-created and tested by youth advocates, and users have found it to be well designed, youth-friendly and a fun way to learn.

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No wonder we have higher completion rates than other elearning platforms: 

On average 78% complete the trajectory

91% find the format more useful than traditional online learning.

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