We proudly present our results of 2016

The facts don’t lie: unsafe sex has become the fastest-growing health threat to young people, rising from 13th place in 1990 to 2nd place since 2013. For girls it is even the number one health risk. That sucks, because it really doesn’t have to be that way. dance4life is determined to change this. Forever.

In 2016 we have gone great lengths to change this situation around. We have reached thousands of young people globally and made significant impact on their knowledge, attitudes, behaviour and skills to enable them to lead healthy sexual lives.

Next to that it has been a year of organisational soul-searching within dance4life to get our focus even clearer. We took a reflective, critical look at our place in the world. We drew on leading research evidence, extensive (youth) consultations and our own track record of the past 12 years to devise a new organisational strategy and place youth empowerment at its center.

Want to know more? We proudly present our results of 2016: 

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