What we offer

Would you like to explore new methodologies for engaging with and empowering young people? With 15+ years of experience, we offer a range of products and tools to support you to do so: all designed together with young people themselves.

A worldwide challenge: unleashing the potential of young people
Young people make up the majority of the world’s population and hold the potential to create positive impact on their societies as peer facilitators, advocates, leaders and young professionals. Yet, much of this potential is still to be unleashed. Are you struggling with finding the methods and tools to inspire, engage and boost the confidence of young people for effective empowerment, behaviour change and advocacy programs?

Our solution: connecting with young people in their realities
Our niche expertise lies in empowering young people by connecting with them on their terms and according to their needs. We have learnt that this requires involving young people actively in everything that you do.

Using design thinking and co-creation techniques are great ways for making this happen, which is why these are the guiding principles for all our work. We have gathered learnings from 15 years of delivering, contextualising and translating trainings, workshops and tools. We are now making these offers available to enhance your efforts to engage with and empower young people for positive impact.


What makes us unique

Youth leadership: 34 young trainers ensure our products are designed by young people, for young people

Youth connection: 15+ years of experience engaging over 2.3 million young people in 30+ countries

We are an agile technical partner, infusing your branding and programs with our expertise

Lust for life: we create safe spaces for vulnerability, but we also celebrate life

“One of the moments that most marked my level of capacity to advocate and mobilise action for sexual and reproductive rights, is through a week-long process that I received in Panama from Dance4Life, in which I was empowered in campaign strategies.” Participant in an advocacy and communications training

Feedback from the participants of a training in Kenya, August 2020

91% of the participants felt the training was engaging and fun and felt inspired.

93% shared that the peer facilitator training empowered them to take personal leadership, to be able to turn challenges into opportunities and can confidently share their ideas.

Zulaiha Ibrahim, Ghana (16 years), Participant of a Dance4Life training

“I feel awesome. The training boosted my self-confidence. I couldn’t talk with my colleagues. I couldn’t talk to five people without panicking, but now I can talk in front of thousands people. I changed so much. I love the training and the program. When you take part in this training, you can be rest assured that you are good to go and can deliver perfectly.”