Youngster in conversation with Dance4Life ambassadors

This week we started a Dutch campaign where we show sex-related question from young people on posters, banners and billboards. Questions such as: “My boyfriend wants me to send a picture of my boobs. Do I have to do that? “Are often asked by young people on online forums. With this campaign, Dance4Life wants sex to be an open topic. The answers to these questions should be self-evident for everyone.

By showing these questions prominently in the streets and on social media, Dance4Life wants to stimulate to openly talk about sex. According to Eveline Aendekerk, director Dance4Life, it’s of vital importance to break the taboo on sex: “Sex should be open for discussion, so that young people can make their own choices about their sex lives and relationships with confidence.”

Dutch celebrities stand up

To start the conversation, various famous ambassadors of Dance4Life like YouTuber Marije Zuurveld, newest ambassador Cato van Ee and Miss Netherlands Nicky Opheij answer the questions of young people in a video. The videos can be seen on the social media of these celebrities and of course on the Facebook and Instagram page of Dance4Life.

Questions come from young people

The questions in the campaign are not only based on forum questions. These are also questions asked by young people in guest lectures during the Dutch school program of Dance4Life; Schools4Life. Discussions about this theme are taking place with international youngsters: whether or not to send nude photos, whether or not to have sex without a condom and how to set boundaries to your partner. The fact that many young people don’t know the answer to these kinds of questions is shocking.

YouTuber receives a storm of messages

The online spin-off of the campaign, where Dutch celebrities invite young people to talk about the subject via social media, had a flying start. YouTuber Marije Zuurveld shared her reaction to the question “Can I say something if someone squeezes my but?”. She received a huge amount of reactions. Despite the fact that Marije always gets a lot of responses from young people through her channel, the amount of reactions to this message were a record. Marije: “The number of private messages I received about this video was enormous. Young people share their opinions, tell what they would do themselves or what they experienced. Sometimes quite heavy things, I refer them to organizations that can help them with this on the advice of Dance4Life. I am very happy I can contribute to open this topic for discussion.