Youth empowerment model

Do you want to strengthen the youth component of your program?

We offer the Journey4Life, a comprehensive empowerment model which will strengthen the youth component of your programme. When young people build social and emotional competencies they become more able and more intrinsically motivated to make safe and healthy choices regarding their sexuality. Our Journey4Life curriculum – which has also been piloted in an online version – contributes to their sexual and reproductive health, gender and education and, in turn, positive life outcomes. This is because our model engages youngsters, challenges them to think about their personal goals, and supports them to reflect and act on their relationships with others and social norms within their community. Your organisation can tap into the power of this approach by using our model. You will get access to a range of on- and offline tools and support including:

  • Training your peer facilitators to implement the curriculum through lively workshops;
  • Monitoring and evaluation tools, guidance and global research;
  • Learning and innovation opportunities via our global partner network;
  • Tailored advice on contextualization, implementation, scaling and sustainability;
  • A dedicated Partner Manager to support your organisation.


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Evaluations show that our empowerment model contributed to…

… 22% increase in knowledge of and 16% more confidence to take up sexual and reproductive health services in Ghana

… increasing the number of young people in Tanzania getting tested for HIV from 6% to 38%

...teachers reporting more active participation of students also in regular class

… an increase of 31% of young people in Nepal who disagreed with unequal gender norms

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